Why Choose Direct Primary Care?

Affordable, Flexible, Convenient

With a regular membership fee, you don’t need to guess or stress about how much a visit will cost you. Working directly with your provider offers flexible scheduling, so it’s easier to fit appointments into your schedule.

  • A single, monthly fee covers your primary care services
  • If additional labs, supplies, or referrals are needed they can be provided at-cost instead of marked up for profit.
  • Enjoy more convenient appointment scheduling and shorter waiting times when you come in.

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Build a relationship with your doctor

We’re here to work with you directly, you won’t spend most of your time with nurses and medical assistants. When you come in for an appointment, your doctor will be the one you see, start to finish.

  • Appointments last 30 – 45 minutes
  • You have time to understand and discuss the best strategy for health.
  • If medication is needed, discuss the risks, benefits, and side effects.
  • Focus on medical issues as well as lifestyle, diet, family details, personal details and preferences.

Get in touch easily

We believe good partnerships are founded on good communication. You won’t have to deal with long, automated phone trees or be stuck waiting days to hear back from us.

As a member you will have a direct line contact your physician via:

  • Call
  • Text
  • Email

If your doctor is unavailable, you can leave a message and expect a prompt response:

  • Call: 30 minute response time
  • Text: 1 hour response time
  • Email: 24 hour response time

Higher satisfaction and better outcomes

Focusing on patient care and giving doctors and patients enough time to work together, without the influence and demands of insurance companies, the outcomes of primary care tend to be better.

  • Patients are more satisfied because their medical care is more affordable and the interaction with their doctor is direct, high-quality, and based on a deeper, more complete understanding of them as a whole person.
  • Doctors are more satisfied because they are free of the extensive paperwork needed for billing insurance companies and can focus on doing what they studied and aspire to do: spend time helping their patients.
  • Affordability combined with longer appointments can help reduce ER visits & hospitalization, common errors, and referrals for expensive specialists and services.
    • Qliance, a DPC-based medical group, reported
      • 60% fewer in-patient visits
      • 15% fewer ER and specialist visits


Get affordable healthcare, today!

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